Here’s an example of how reviews could be displayed. Background and colors can be changed.

Why you might want a page like this.

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How do i find the polka dot widget?

Please tell me how to order the polka dot widget.

J Wilson
June 1, 2021

Example of “Read more” / “Read less” feature.

What makes this customer feedback page work so well for a business: It gives a quick way for someone to judge the way customers feel about the business by displaying the Total Number of reviews and the Average Star-rating of all reviews. The date of each review conveys how recent the review was made. Searchers

C Tester
May 26, 2021

I got a quick notice.

I got notice very quickly in my Gmail account. Thanks!

Justin Tyme
February 21, 2021

Fast Delivery on my last order.

Everything is peaches and cream. Fast delivery and my nephew was pleased with the gift. We are still going thru the catalog planing our next purchase.

J. Wilson
February 21, 2021

Best widget, yet.

You guys are doing a great job keep up the good work.

Judy B
February 20, 2021

I had a little issue with my last Blue Widget.

It was polka dot instead of stripes. I thought that I had ordered stripes. Can I return it?

Chester T
February 20, 2021

Great Widgets

These widgets are some of the best that I have every purchased. I will be buying more of them.
Thanks for your great products.

John W
February 20, 2021

Another Test review

Yada Yada

John Wilson
February 16, 2021

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